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Gyodong Food Co., Ltd.
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Gyodong Food Co., Ltd.


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Yukgaejang is hygienically packed by high-tech automatic packing equipment. There is an abundance of vegetables such as brackens, stems of sweet potatoes and leeks. It also has condiments including strictly selected materials made the traditional way. You can enjoy the spicy, cool and sensitive taste of beef by simple cooking both at home and/or outside.

  • Frozen food.
  • Weight : 570g
  • Storage : Keep frozen at -18°C or below

Yukgaejang has abundant taste and nutrients. It can be cooked with much ease at home and restaurants. Stimulate the appetite and invigorate the tired body with hot and spicy soup.

This product is hygienically packed finelytorn beef with vegetables, and can create Korean traditional clean taste.

How to Cook

1. With a pack
- Defrost the pack. Put the pack into boiling water and leave for 5 minutes.
- Do not use the microwave because it may cause damage of pack or burn.
2. Without a pack
- Boil the ingredients in a pot or earthen bowl.
- To enhance the taste, you can add condiments such as eggs or onions.

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